Design and development of a company car and personal benefits systems for telecommunication giant.

A bespoke development for British Telecom to allow the financial benefits enjoyed by their employees, whether benefits of a company car, or a cash alternative, this comprehensive solution brought efficiency to the business with substantial cost saving benefits from the automated processes.

“The solution exceeded our expectations and has streamlined many of our time intensive processes, brought integrity of data and flexible MIS reporting. ”

Flexible customisable software support individuals needs

With a large team of users with differing roles within the operation, to ensure maximum efficiency for each user, this web based platform was developed to allow each user to customise the platform to support their key tasks.

  • User friendly and customisable which ensured each user works to their maximum efficiency.
  • High level of performance at all times, regardless of the complex reporting and processor intensive tasks.
  • Data stored in a secure environment, always with 100% data integrity
  • Integration with many essential third party API’s
  • Maintained and supported ensuring continued compatibility across browsers, devices and new releases of Operating Systems.

The solution has won a number of innovation awards due to improvements and savings that the software implementation brought to the business as well as the flexibility it brought to the employees with the ability to chose their company car or cash benefits, which previously did not exist.

Essential integration with third party API's

Although a bespoke solution, developed exactly to the client requirements, the solution also integrates with various API’s to enable access to full vehicle information, tax information, historic service and insurance claims history.  The solution also stores it own chain of vehicle activity ensuring complete data integrity.

In conjunction with the client, the Chain Enable UX team designed the interface, full journey and workflow, which is one of the key reasons why the system has proved so efficient to the team that use the system, day in day out.

Long term support and maintenance

On going support and maintenance has been provided following the successful deployment of the software.  The solution was PEN testing to ensure security is at its maximum, this is a factor that should never be overlooked, protection of data in now more important than ever, hence why it plays such a key factor in all of the Chain Enable projects.

The solution has gone from strength to strength and has continued to evolve, with automation of further processes, which in turn has created further cost savings for the business, and the introduction of a mobile and tablet solution to allow employees easy access to their business benefits.

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“Very impressed with the management team who oversaw the project, delivering the solution perfectly aligned with the agreed project plan”