Development and design of a Blockchain IPO investment platform.

Cornucopia is a decentralised and self-regulating IPO investment platform.  With investments dictated by swarm theory and the wisdom of the crowd,  Chain Enable provided the technical resources enabling this state of the art solution to be developed.

The technical resources are highly skilled delivering an intuitive system using the latest Blockchain technology.

Leading edge Blockchain development

The Cornucopia platform is being developed exactly to the requirements of the client, with simplicity and ease of use key factors to ensure the platform can easily be adopted by all users.

  • Developed using the latest Blockchain technology
  • A robust platform, designed to work seamlessly regardless of mobile, tablet or desktop computer.
  • Software infrastructure future proofed and designed to accommodate large data volumes with no negative effect on performance.
  • A feature-rich platform bring the users a powerful yet easy to use software interface.
  • PEN tested and developed with strict standards to protect against hacking attempts and data breaches.

The platform will continue to evolve and improve with the Cornucopia community playing a key role in suggesting additional features that could improve the platform further.

Support, Hosting, Maintenance and PEN Testing

The full solution has been provided by Chain Enable for the Cornucopia project.  The software, as always, is hosted on a resilient platform managed by Chain Enable.  PEN testing of each release to ensure maximum protection of the platform and on going support and maintenance to ensure that the solution continues to operate perfectly as other technology such as operating systems are updated.

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